“There’s a need in modern society for spiritual guidance. Only God forbid we call it that. None of us want to be thought of as any kind of expert in the soul department. Still. We’re seeing a new kind of mystic arise–the mystic without the monastery. The guy who is silly and fun enough to make you feel accepted, like your favorite camp counselor, but mature and wise enough to be with you in the shit the way you’d expect of a really good therapist or any rabbi or priest worth a damn.

This is the crossroads where Robbie Schaefer lives, loves, creates music and holds space for anyone who’s up for a little adventure in suspending time so we can actually remember what it feels like to be human again. Aliveness is his jam and he helps us find our way by being a regular guy saying the most honest, real thing, whether it’s in a song he’s performing or an insight that’s just come to him in a flash.

Unassuming but practiced, funny and grounded, Schaefer is a new breed of artist who is creating space for our inner lives without judgment, dogma or artifice.”

~Jen Lemen, writer, activist, founder of Hopeful World

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15dec8:00 pmEddie From OhioTin Pan, Richmond, VA8:00 pm 8982 Quioccasin Rd. Richmond, VA 23229Tin Pan
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