Songwriting workshops for groups of all ages. Here’s my dirty little secret: I can’t teach anyone how to write a song. What I can do is help others to open up to the place in themselves in which songs are born. Whether facilitated at a school or for corporate executives, these workshops focus on the real practice of songwriting–a return to the process of mindfully slowing down, listening deeply to one’s own heart, and expressing whatever truth arises from that center of power and presence. It is songwriting as a tool for becoming more fully alive. We are all creators–no further expertise or experience required. Some of us have simply forgotten. In these workshops, participants:

  • Learn to express themselves authentically through songwriting
  • Explore the nature of creativity and engage in mindfulness and self-inquiry practices
  • Write and workshop a new original song (individually or as a group)
  • Learn to cultivate creative joy




Essays, poetry, meditations, and anything else that makes its way from my heart through my brain, coming to rest on a page somewhere . . . .

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The black boots climb wooden stairs deliberately

Black boots climb worn wooden stairs. Deliberately. Making just enough noise to let the inhabitants of apartment 5b know that the jig is up.

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Fear and Magic: A son’s meditation on loss

I have to tell you that I’m losing my father. What I really mean to say is I’ve lost him.

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Did you close your eyes?

Just before your vest exploded

your body scattering to the sky

your soul merging with the infinite

did you close your eyes?

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